The family of Karo Kebabjyan, Artsakh’s Permanent Representative in the countries of the Middle East, reports that Karo Kababjyan will be buried tomorrow, on April 2nd, at 2pm in the Yerablur military pantheon.

Due to the aggravation of the coronavirus epidemic, there will be no official funeral service today, and the family is asking to transfer the money for flowers and wreaths for Karo Kebabjyan to the account of the Homeland Defender Rehabilitation Center:

AMD 1570026278650300, Ameria Bank, at the link: 

or to the accounts of Kung-fu federation of Armenia NGO founded by Karo Khebabjyan: AMD 11816007887900, USD 11816007887901-ID bank»:

The Kababjian family is thankful for sharing the pain of the heavy loss.

Let us remind that Karo Kebabjyan, the Permanent Representative of Artsakh to the Middle East, died yesterday, on March 31.

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