On Western Armenia TV, RWA President Armenak Abrahamyan once again mentioned the role and contribution of his comrades-in-arms, Master Karo Kababjyan and the legendary commander Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, both with their direct participation in the first Artsakh war and invaluable assistance to Artsakh during the third war.

He spoke about his journey with Master Karo Kababjyan, mentioning the fact that thanks to his mastery they were able to prepare the military for battle before the war, and it was then that the “Hay Champa” martial art was created based on Armenian dances, with which the President trained boys during the war.

Speaking about General Komandos, he mentioned that they had come a long way together since the first Artsakh war, and when the President met with Komandos months ago to discuss the war and its possible ways out, the commander referred to the Shushi liberation plan authored by the RWA President, that he keeps in his office.

Summing up, RWA President Abrahamyan once again extended his condolences to the families and relatives of his comrades-in-arms and to all Armenians. 

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