The Mayor of the City of Portland Kate Snyder, announced in a letter to the Armenian American community today that she rescinded the Khojaly Remembrance Day Mayoral Proclamation.

‘‘After significant reflection regarding the pre-written proclamation request entitled ‘‘Khojaly Remembrance Day’’, and its subsequent issuance, I have decided to rescind the Mayoral Proclamation.

I’d like to underscore that the City of Portland, nor I as its Mayor, intended to intervene in this long standing, divisive matter between members of our community.

The Portland Press Herald coverage of the issue in this article dated February 25, 2021 offers insights and opinions from various perspectives. I have heard from, and engaged with, many members of the Portland community who have shared their experiences, feelings and insights. I understand there is longstanding disagreement and conflict. That said, I believe it’s in the city’s best interest to remove this proclamation from the public record.

I once again apologize for the pain and harm that the issuance of this proclamation has caused, just as the City of Boston Mayor stated in his decision to rescind a similar proclamation on March 10, 2021,’’- the statement of the mayor reads.