Soghomon Tehleryan is a figure of the Armenian national liberation movement, an Armenian avenger, a  survivor of the genocide against Armenians. He has executed Talaat Pasha, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Young Turks and the main organizer of the genocide against Armenians.

Soghomon Tehlirian was born in 1897 in Bagarich (Yerznka province, Western Armenia), where he received his primary education. He then continued his studies at the Central College of Yerznka, graduating in 1912 and then moving to Serbia in 1913. During World War I, he traveled to Armenia, where he participated in the volunteer movement in Andranik’s group. In 1915, Tehleryan survived the genocide, which had a profound effect on his life.

In 1921, Tehleryan took part in the ARF Nemesis operation, receiving the task of assassinating Talaat Pasha, the organizer of the Genocide against Armenians. On March 15 of the same year, he shot Talaat on Hardenberg Street in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin and got arrested. However, on June 2, 1921, a German court found him innocent. Three attorneys defended Tehleryan, one was Dr. Theodore Nimeyer, a law professor at Kiel University; the second was Adolf fon Gordon (a secret legal adviser), and the third was Johannes Werthauer (Legal Adviser).

The acquitted Tehleryan lived for many years in Yugoslav, the capital Belgrade. After 1945, he settled first in Casablanca (Morocco) and then in San Francisco, USA, where he died on May 23, 1960. He is buried in the Armenian “Ararat” cemetery in Fresno. In memory of Tehleryan, a monument was erected to his grave in Fresno, in the village of Mastara in the Talin region and in Yerevan.

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