The Erebuni Historical-Archaeological Reserve-Museum, where interesting exhibitions, educational programs and other cultural events are always held, continues to be active, initiating new projects.

In a conversation with “Armenpress”, the director of the reserve-museum Mikael Badalyan said that the museum had no shortage of visitors before the epidemic in 2020, but they had to start working online from March 16․

“The museum has received 24 audio guides as a donation from Armswissbank, which will be launched in May or June. Translations of texts are now being completed. Materials will be available in Armenian, English, Russian, French, German and Italian.

Through the programs we offer to carry out archeological excavations in artificial excavation destinations. “In cooperation with the National Archery Federation, we offer to take archery master classes in” Karmir Blur” and pottery classes in “Shengavit”.

According to the director, children of the regions actively participate in the “Let’s restore Urartian clay treasures” program.

Erebuni Historical-Archaeological Reserve-Museum was founded in 1968. Remains of material culture from the “Arin Berd”, “Karmir Blur”, “Shengavit” ancient sites are presented in the museum.

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