In the past few days, the police of Chaldran province, Van, Western Armenia, were notified about explosives placed in front of the historic observation post and fortress at the foot of Mount Alikelle. Based on the alarm, the special police detachments examined the area, finding out that the treasure hunters had dug 8 separate holes in the front part of the castle, and had placed dynamite in those holes. The explosives had been neutralized.

In connection with this incident, the mayor of Chaldran Shefik Ensari stated that they have started the works to protect the historical structures and places of the region, and appealed to the citizens. “I want to urge our citizens. In order to protect our historical heritage and pass it on to future generations, I ask that no one be allowed to carry out illegal excavations.”

It should be noted that the historical observation post and fortress was built during the period of Ararat kingdom and served as a defensive structure.

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