Robert Matosyan shared information about the first documentary film shot in Armenia on his facebook page.

In the post, Robert Matosyan presents the speech of his son, film director, documentary filmmaker, director of “Cinematos” company and artistic director Samvel Matosyan․

I was looking for footage for my upcoming film “Brusov” in the archives of the city of Krasnogorsk.

Looking at the 1911 films I had chosen, I noticed how the familiar emblem of the “Pate” documentary company appeared on the black and white screen of the editing table, and then the title “Ejmiatsin”, then “Funeral service of Catholicos of All Armenians Matthew II.”

I was aware of the French company Pate from the filming of cameraman Digmel in the early twentieth century from my student years.

In fact, these are the first historical films preserved in Armenia. The films considered lost in 1911 were found by me in 2013.

These unique shots are included in my new documentary “Creation”. They were screened for the first time at the 2014 “Hayak” National Awards.

We donated those shots to the National Archives of Armenia, as well as to the Mother See of Holy Ejmiatsin.

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