If something bad had happened to the Kurds in the past, they would have said, “We have been cursed by those on land.” So who were those in the land?

Were they the Armenians and Assyrians whose wives, daughters, brothers and sisters, their property, lands and houses were confiscated, thrown into wells, burned and massacred?

The story of a mosque destroyed in the square is one of the memories of the Varto earthquake. During the earthquake, the believers were killed, while the Imam was saved. Imam’s delusion was still heard in the area for a long time․ “The curse of those on the land has come, the curse of those on the land has come.”

As the people had built that mosque with the stones of the church, that they destroyed with their own hands, revenge is sadly heartbreaking in this geography full of curses. 

Was the emptiness caused by the migration and massacre, spreading of Kurds in Eastern Anatolia a sufficient basis for establishing a state (Western Armenia) ? Everyone knows that some of the territories chosen for Kurdistan are Armenian lands, where Armenians lived and Armenian kingdoms and authorities ruled.

Their demand for the establishment of Kurdistan shows that they still do not regret the crimes committed in 1915. The incomparable cruelty and behavior of the Union and Progress (ittihat ve Terakki) party towards them is a subject of a separate article.

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Hakk Dostu

10,000 Armenians were killed or thrown alive into this bottomless hole. Not only men or young people, but also women, children and newborns were victims of the genocide.

According to Gyullu Agha’s son’s son Mustafa, the only survivor out of 10,000 was a beautiful Armenian girl whom his father, Gyullu Agha, had kept for himself. But the girl, not being able to put up with the unwanted relationship, jumped from her horse on the way and ran to the waterfall to commit suicide. Mustafa, running after her, grabbed the girl, took her home and asked: “Why did you want to commit suicide?” The girl replied, “All my loved ones, my family and relatives are in the hole, and I want to die there too.” She actually died of tuberculosis three years later.

I conducted an on-site survey and shared my impressions in an article on April 24, 2015.

Recall for Western Armenia, that by the Council of People’s Commissars of Soviet Union December 29, 1917 decree proclaimed the rights of Armenians of the occupied territories of “Turkish Armenia” (Western Armenia) and the freedom of self-determination up to full independence.

And on January 19, 1920 the Allied Supreme Council at Paris Conference de facto and on May 11, 1920 at San Remo Conference de jure recognized the Armenian state in Western Armenia as an independent and sovereign state which boundary with Turkey was the subject of an arbitral award by the United States President Woodrow Wilson on November 22, 1920

It should be noted that the State of Western Armenia is not recognized by UN authorities because it is occupied by Turkey.

As a reminder, in the occupied territories of Western Armenia from 1894 to 1923 the Armenian indigenous population was subjected to Genocide by three Turkish governments.

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