The school was founded on the initiative of P. Shanshyan, P. Proshyan and a local Hakhumyan couple. At first, it was working in the tax department of the Hakhumyans’ own apartment. M. Hakhumyan was elected as an inspector. The goal was to prepare enlightened teachers and mothers. The training was conducted in Armenian. Armenian language, Russian language, Armenian history, arithmetic, geography, calligraphy, handicraft, painting, singing have been included. It has been closed after operating for several years. It was reopened in 1876, through Sedrakyan’s efforts, named after Hripsimian girls’ school. Later it was named Mariamian.

It had 4 teachers, 70 students in 1877. It passed the secondary course from 1884 (13 teachers, 171 students). The school had 199 students in the 1888-1889 academic year. Religion and natural history have been added to the curriculum. It had 5 departments with 218 students in the 1908-1909 academic year. In 1913, the Ghukasyan brothers from Shushi donated 200,000 rubles to a local girls’ school in memory of their late sister, Mariam, their house in Shushi (worth 40,000 rubles) and the school were named Mariam-Ghukasyan. All subjects were taught in Armenian, except Russian history and geography. It had 320 students in 1915. In 1917 it was a fully secondary school and operated until 1920.

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