Ali Kenanoglu, a member of pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party in Istanbul, called on the National Assembly to investigate the Kochgiri massacre on the occasion of its 100th year.

The mediation mentioned the following,

“According to the news, Nureddin Pasha announced that he had coded with the “Zo” code and had eliminated those who uttered Armenian name, he would personally eliminate the roots of those who say Kurdish by coding them with “Lo” code. According to him, he defeated 500 insurgents and drove two thousand people to different parts of Anatolia (Western Armenia). 

The tribes of Kochgiri, the vast majority of whom were Kizilbash Kurds, Zazas, lived in the 135 villages of the historic Dersim Sanjak, and did not have warm relations with the Ottoman State and Istanbul government until the early 20th century.

At the end of the First World War, after different nations that declared their independence during the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurds also united and the tribes of Kochgiri, becoming closer to the Kurdish communities, began to express their demands for autonomy in 1919.

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