Excavations are underway for several days near the “Karmir Blur” ancient site of the “Erebuni” historical-archaeological reserve-museum. Pottery fragments were found during the construction of the road.

The Information and Public Relations Department of the Yerevan Municipality told Armenpress that the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports has given permission for urgent excavations, as a result of which interesting findings have been found.

“It is a piece of jar with stripes and glitter. We have different fragments of local Urartian bowls and jars. Most of the found material dates back to the BC 6th-7th centuries.

The outer part of the wall, which is about 2 meters wide, is seen. A new district or fences seem to be here. It is possible to find extraordinary finds,”- Mikayel Badalyan, director of the Erebuni Historical-Archaeological Reserve-Museum mentions.

Excavations will continue in the area adjacent to the new road. The wall of the Ararat kingdom was first noticed by the ancient workers.

The “Karmir Blur” ancient site can make many new and interesting discoveries to the world and tell more than we know today, it can also become a center for the development of archeological tourism.

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