Units of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Internal Troops and Special Forces (OMON) attacked the village of Maragha in the Martakert region of Artsakh, 1992 On April 10, carrying out a real massacre.

The villagers remember that a heavy artillery shelling started at 6 o’clock in the morning. The self-defense forces managed to repel the first two attacks, but in the afternoon the Azerbaijani troops invaded the village with the help of armored vehicles.

The Azeri militants remained in the village for only a few hours, but during this time they managed to almost completely destroy one of the largest villages of Artsakh with a population of almost 5,000. Many of the villagers managed to escape. About 50 people, those who did not have time or could not leave Maragha, were killed with extreme cruelty, 49 citizens were taken prisoner. Some of the hostages were later returned, and many became physically and morally disabled. The fate of 19 people is still unknown.

Armenian units managed to liberate Maragha at midnight. Those entering the village saw a terrible picture. Maragha was actually drowning in blood. People were collecting the remains of their relatives, neighbors and other villagers and burying them.