WESTERN ARMENIA – The day was exceptional, not only for the reason that the meeting of Armenian Veterans took place in Cannes (France) on this friday, April 9, 2021, but also for the quality of the meeting and the guests present.

Mandelier, Cannes, Antibes, among other Municipalities, were presented with their elected officials, flag bearers and presidents, Jean-Jacques GUY, presidents of patriotic unions, as well as the president of the Armenian region Caroline OHANNESSIAN.

After the opening ceremony, moral and activity evaluation, the cashier presented the accounts of association, which were unanimously confirmed by those present and members. 

Let us note, that the main event was the ‘‘Sword of Western Armenia’’ medal that was given to the head of the flag bearers’ association Jean-Jacques GUY, and municipal adviser of Antibes Gerald LACOSTE, both are members of the Assembly of Western Armenia, by the President of the Association of Armenian Veterans and Resistors Jean GHAZAROSYAN, by Vrej APRAHAMIAN, President of the National Association of Armenian Veterans, to serve the homeland (Western Armenia).

The medalists thanked the Presidents and the Assembly for their speeches, reminding them of the conditions under which they were able to work for the benefit of the Armenian people who have suffered from its history.

The general meeting of the Association of Veterans and Resistors of Armenian Origin will be closed in accordance with the health rules and the epidemic situation.