Vrtanes Papazyan (April 12, 1866, Van, Western Armenia – April 26, 1920, Yerevan, Republic of the Caucasus Armenia), Armenian intellectual, writer, social-political-cultural figure, editor, literary historian, teacher and translator.

He moved to Agulis in 1868, where he received his primary education. He studied at the Aramyan School of Tabriz (1875-1878), at the Georgian Seminary of Ejmiatsin (1878-1879), and graduated from the University of Geneva (1894). He was a teacher in Van, Tbilisi, Tehran, Shushi, Bucharest, Bursa, etc for many years. In 1889, Papazyan began publishing a series of short stories and pictures depicting the life of the Armenians of Armenia.

Papazyan has played a great role in the development of Armenian drama. In his dramas he put forward national-liberation and ideas of free mind. He referred to the folklore and history of different peoples. For the ethnographic “Հայ բոշաներ” study  (1899) he was elected emperor of Moscow, a member of the ethnographic society (1900).

In 1910 Papazyan received an invitation from the Shushi Diocesan School. He remained there until 1912. He teaches Armenian language, literature, history, logic. Edited by “Karabakh” newspaper.

Papazyan was persecuted by the Russian government for propagating liberal ideas, and he was sentenced to death in absentia in Turkey for his national liberation views. Vrtanes Papazyan died on April 26, 1920 in Yerevan. He is buried in the Komitas pantheon.