On Western Armenia TV, the President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan spoke about the motives of the Genocide against Armenians analyzing the well-known events of that period.

In particular, he described the Genocide against Armenians as a human crime, noting that the genocide is not Armenian but Turkish and if we make a mistake in interpreting the expressions, we will not be able to understand what really happened to the Armenians living in their native territories.

Continuing his speech, President Abrahamyan referred to the fact that who has decided that the genocide started in 1915, when in fact the state-organized Hamidian regiments crushed the Armenian population in 1894-1896, carrying out that policy until 1906. 

There are many undeniable facts about the cases mentioned before, even memorandums drawn up by different states, proving the reality of Abdul Hamid’s massacres. Speaking about the second Artsakh war, the RWA President mentioned that it was a continuation of the Genocide committed against Armenians.