Turkey has filed a lawsuit against RF under the ‘‘Return the Honor’’ slogan, with the demand to return Ottoman flags.

As Daily Sabah reports, Ümit Topal, an amateur historian and writer, filed a lawsuit on April 8 for the return of 10 military standards seized by Russians during the invasion of Turkey’s (Western Armenia) eastern Karin (Erzurum) province during World War I.

The plaintiff says standards, taken by invading Russian troops in 1916, represent the “honor” of the Turkish nation and should be returned.

He claims that Karin (Erzurum), which was occupied a few times during the Russian Empire’s Caucasus campaign targeting the Ottomans, was last taken from the Ottoman forces in February 1916. Along with nine standards, Russian forces had taken thousands of prisoners. Topal says the standards are currently in a depot of Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

The Government of the Republic of Western Armenia has given its assessment to the topic, which we present to you below.

‘‘Let us remind that the amateur Turkish historian has raised an issue, which refers entirely to the battles that took place in 1916 on the outskirts of Karin (Erzurum), the capital of Western Armenia.

Russia recognized the right of the Armenians of Tachka-Armenia (Western Armenia) to self-determination before their independence by a decree issued by Lenin on December 29, 1917, the Armenian Karin (Erzurum) was returned to Turkey in 1918.  We would also like to look through the documents submitted by the amateur historian to be submitted by the Turkish Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs and their legal bases.

It should be reminded that there are also historical artifacts in the military trophy of the Russians, which belong to the Armenian people, as they represent the Armenian national culture, and the Turkish amateur historian should have no pretension towards them. “