The National Interest magazine has published an article about Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev and the ”park-museum” opened in Baku at his initiative. As Armenpress reports, the author of the article Michael Rubin compared Ilham Aliyev with former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the ”park-museum” of Baku with Baghdad’s “Victory Arch,” known to locals as the Swords of Qadisiyah.

”Aliyev, who never served in the military, strolls around in military fatigues showing off captured Armenian equipment and wax models of Armenian soldiers before addressing assembled troops. The centerpiece of the “Park of Trophies” is an arch made from the helmets of killed and captured Armenian soldiers. That Azerbaijan continues to illegally hold 260 prisoners of war and kidnapped civilians, some of whom he might have killed in captivity, underscores the tastelessness of the display”,- the article reads.