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Dear compatriots, the citizens of The Republic of Western Armenia. We present you the list of events dedicated to the commemoration of the Genocide against Armenians to be held on April 24․

Saturday, 2021 April 24,

The following events will be held with the participation of the official representatives of The Republic of Western Armenia:

Paris, at 11 pm – In front of the Komitas monument, Canada Square 

Lion, at 11 pm –  Commemoration in front of the memorial, Antonin Poncet Square

Marseille, at 11 pm – In front of the “Mother and her 4 sons” monument, in the Memorial Park (12th district).

Draginia, at 5pm – In front of the monument of Armenia, Ale d’Azemar

Mandelie, at 11pm – Commemoration in front of Khachkar, Armenia Square

Antibes, at 3pm – Commemoration in front of Marisho Monument, November 11 Avenue

Yerevan, at 11pm – Near the Memorial of The Genocide against Armenians (Tsitsernakaberd)