An exhibition dedicated to Grigor Zohrap will be organized on his 160th birthday anniversary.

As reported by “Armenpress“, the opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place today, on April 22 at Charents Museum of Literature and Art.

Photos, letters, articles on the Armenian Question and improvements, autographs of short stories, other works and archival materials will be displayed from the museum fund.

Writer, lawyer, political scientist Grigor Zohrap was born on June 26, 1861 in Constantinople. Zohrap is elected a deputy of the Turkish parliament. He defended the interests of national minorities in his speeches. He took an active part in almost all the parliamentary debates, and made efforts for the adoption of fair laws by the parliament. He was saying about himself. “I am the advocate of the Constitution.”

Zohrap was brutally killed in July 1915 during the Genocide against Armenians on the way to exile.