The Genocide against Armenians started after The Russian-Turkish war exposed in 1877-1878, the war revealed the weakness of the foundations of the Ottoman Empire, showing that it was on the verge of collapse. Sultan Abdul Hamid II faced the task of saving the empire from final destruction. The Turkish government finally developed and enriched the centuries-old arsenal of massacres in the 1890s. Hamid II first tried to strike at the centuries-old centers of the Armenian people, the liberation struggle, Sasun, Zeytun and Van. Thus, the massacres of Armenians took place in the Armenian-populated regions of the Ottoman Empire, in Western Armenia and Cilicia. Persecution, robbery and violence towards the Armenian people become normal. A unique anti-Armenian regime is being created in all Armenian-populated regions. The earth is turning into hell.

In fact, April 24 of 1915 was the beginning of the deportation of Armenians of Istanbul, which had previously spread to the intelligentsia. On the day mentioned here, in the weeks that followed, the Armenian community of Istanbul, in fact, lost its intelligentsia, thousands of people were arrested and exiled. Mass deportations in Western Armenia were accompanied by massacres, looting and property destruction.

About 1.5 million Armenians were killed in their native territories of Western Armenia and Cilicia, while others were either converted with force or took refuge in various countries.