Le président de l'Arménie Occidentale Arménag Aprahamian exprime ses  condoléances à la Russie - Western Armenia TV

Dear President,

It is with great honor, on behalf of all the Armenians of Western Armenia, that I express my deepest thanks to you for having stated in your speech of April 24, 2021 that the atrocities and crimes planned and executed by the Turkish-Ottoman government from 1915 onwards should be qualified as genocide under the international law.

Indeed, as stated, this Turkish-Ottoman government cynically eliminated the intelligentsia of our indigenous people from the city of Constantinople, until the annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians in its ancestral territory, Western Armenia, which was recognized as independent by the US Senate on May 11, 1920, and an arbitration award defining the borders between Western Armenia and Turkey was signed by President Woodrow Wilson on November 22, 1920, and is awaiting execution.

The Armenians of Western Armenia, living inside and outside of Western Armenia in the same manner as the other peoples of the world, demand the enforcement of their rights and the consequent reparations for the crime of genocide.

Justice and respect for human rights where everyone can pursue their lives in dignity and security for all the peoples will bring about the healing that everyone wants.

Your act of recognition of the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people sets in stone the presence of the United States of America by our side, for which we are grateful.

Therefore, Mr. President, I reiterate my respect for you and remain at your disposal to continue building reconciliation together.


President of the Republic of Western Armenia