Recently, US President Joe Biden has pronounced the term ‘‘genocide’’ in his speech on April 24, which was not only long awaited, but also appropriate and fair. These words were accepted with great excitement and gratitude in Armenia and among the whole civilized humanity. Especially Armenian citizens living in Western Armenia were not indifferent to Biden’s statement. As we know, our compatriots escaped from The Genocide against Armenians in the territory of Western Armenia could anyways keep their physical existence and have generations. Nowadays these generations, despite the forced conversion, live and feel themselves as Armenian. They have greater expectations and faith in exposing historical injustice and recognizing the truth. So the term ‘‘genocide’’ expressed by Joe Biden arose trust, excitement and optimism in them. Although some members of the Armenian Community are skeptical, most of the Armenian residents of Western Armenia are happy in this regard and have expressed their word of gratitude to the US President.

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