As soon as World War I started, the allies of Ottoman Empire, German Soldiers came to Tigranakert. After the massacre began in 1915, Armenian churches were emptied and looted, and German soldiers settled there.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenians were massacred during the 6-month massacre in Tigranakert, Western Armenia, both from Tigranakert and those who had been brought from different regions to be exiled to Syria. St. Kirakos and St. Sargis Churches, emptied during the massacre in the city, were used as headquarters for the German military. The order to exile and massacre Armenians was notified to all governors by secret letter.

The only transit point for Armenians, from where the Armenians brought from the Eastern and Serhat region of the Black Sea to Aleppo and Deir-Zor were to be deported, was Tigranakert province.

As Tigranakert was densely populated with Armenians, special programs were set up to organize the exile better.

Tigranakert province, which Mardin, Midyat, Beshir, Nusaybin, Siverek, Maden and Ergan provinces and sanjaks belonged to, was the second largest in Armenia after Van.