84 years have passed after tertele, the massacre of 1937-1938 committed in Dersim Province, Western Armenia. According to inhabitants, the tertele of Dersim was not an ordinary massacre.  16 thousand people were killed based on the official data, 72 thousand people were killed based on non-official data, thousands of people were exiled, children, especially girls were adopted and taken away from their families. The massacre aimed to destroy Dersim’s unique lifestyle, political and cultural identity. 

The process of Dersim Massacre started on May 4, 1937 with the report on the Thunjel Province on December 25, 1935 and was turned into a military action qualified as a measure of sanctions and prevention based on the decision of the council of Minister on May 4, 1937.

The military actions of Dersim were not limited only with human killings. The geographical resources, sanctuaries and residences of Dersim were also bombed and burnt. Numerous women were raped. Hundreds of women and girls escaped from raping prefered to die jumping into the waters of Munzur.

84 years have passed from the happened and the Dersim people claim that the state should satisfy demands, some of which are the following,

– To accept May 4 as Dersim-38 tertele day.

– To open archives so that the state will face the massacres

– To return former name of Dersim

-To apologize to Dersim people