The names of Aghbyur Serob, Gevorg Chavush, Andranik Ozanyan and other heroes will forever be written in the history of Armenia in golden letters. The latters have fought against Turk Sultans for the rights and freedom of Armenians, liberation of Western Armenia.

Nubar Ozanyan was one of them: a talented fighter and commander, who devoted all his life to fighting against Turkish government. 

Nubar fought not only in Turkey, but also in Syria and Lebanon. When the Artsakh War started, he felt his duty to come to Armenia, to Artsakh (Liberation Army) and to fight against the enemy of his people.

Nubar Ozanyan(real name: Fermun Cherak) was born in 1956, in Yozgat, Western Armenia.

Nubar Ozanyan died on August 14, 2017 in the fight against the terrorists of ‘‘Islamic state’’ organization in Syria.

One of his biggest desires was preserving his military experience and knowledge and passing it on to future generations.