The military operation for the liberation of Shushi started on May 8, 1992 and ended brilliantly on May 9 according to the plan developed by the headquarters of the Artsakh Republic Self-Defense Forces.

Stopping the enemy’s progress in the south-western direction of Stepanakert in the evening of May 7, the next morning the Armenian units launched a counterattack in four directions.

– “Northern” (commander: Valeri Chitchyan).

– “Eastern” (commander: Arkady Karapetyan)

– “Southern” (commander: Samvel Babayan)

– “Northwest” (commander: Seyran Ohanyan)

The General Commander of the military action was Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan, head of the staff was Feliks Gzoghyan. Based on the military decision, the Armenian forces were at the disposal of up to 1,200 personnel (about 2,500 against the enemy).

An order was given to start artillery preparation at 02.50.

On the morning of March 8, fierce fighting broke out along the front line from Janhasan to Kirs. Due to the decisive actions of the units under clear control, the enemy was thrown out of its positions near the city within hours, inflicting losses and taking the retreat. Around noon, the defense of Shushi was broken from the north-east, and the city center was under the control of the Armenian forces already at 6pm. 

During the operation, the Armenian side had 47 casualties, 68 wounded, 2 missing, 1 T-72 tank and 1 rear-end combat vehicle (BMP-1).

On the morning of May 9, the Armenian fortress city was completely under the control of self-defense forces…

28 years later, Armenian Shushi fell under the control of the enemy again.

However, the Armenian warrior is still standing, our compatriots spread all over the world are determined, the day is not far when the ancient Armenian fortress city will be Armenian again.