Dear Followers and dear Compatriots, This day in 1992 had a historical significance for all Armenians.

The Armenian nation entered the 20th century with the horror of the Turkish slaughte, surviving deprivation of homeland and the genocide organized against it in Western Armenia.

At the end of the century, our heroic people found strength in themselves and created glorious victories during the first Artsakh war, the end of which was the liberation of the ancient Armenian fortress city of Shushi.

Three decades later, again facing the aggression of Turkish genocidal criminal state, our enemies occupied Chouchi and a number of regions of the Republic of Artsakh in 2020.

This course of history once again proves that only together can we solve the challenges facing our nation.

The State Television Company of Western Armenia is not engaged in self-promotion.

Our goal is to become a connecting link for our millions of compatriots around the world, giving them the opportunity to gain patriotism, national awareness, to stand up for our national rights.

We need everyone’s support in this work.

We lost the battle, but not the war.

We will achieve new victories with our unity and determination .

Glory to our martyrs.



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BÉNÉFICIAIRE : Assemblée des Arméniens (AAAO)