The Syrian Independent NGO for Truth and Justice in Syria (STJ), which proves human rights’ abuses in Syria, has released information from reliable sources confirming the deaths of 293 Syrian mercenaries out of 2,560 Syrians, both fighters and civilians. The source confirmed that the Caucasian jihadists sent by Turkey to Azerbaijan have not yet returned to Syria.

According to the organization’s sources, each fighter in Azerbaijan was paid 10,000 liras for 3 months of service, including a prepayment of 1,500 TL. The wounded fighters were not compensated. However, the families of the killed servicemen were paid 25,000 Turkish liras in compensation.

In addition, according to STJ, about 150 mercenaries are from the Caucasus. Regarding the return of these fighters, STJ interviewed the SNA officer, who said: “There are Caucasian jihadists of Turkmen origin in Azerbaijan. They were, of course, granted Azerbaijani citizenship. “As for the Syrian Arabs, they have all returned to Syria.”