A conference entitled ‘‘The 101st anniversary of de jure recognizing the Republic of Western Armenia’’ took place in Yerevan office. RWA Prime Minister Seda Melikyan presented an opening speech, who greeted those present and hoped that they will present that event in their motherland, in Karin. Then Rafi Nazaryan was presented, who will work in parallel with RWA authorities, with the idea of liberation of Western Armenia.

RWA President Armenak Abrahamyan made a speech about ‘‘de jure recognizing the Republic of Western Armenia’’ referring to the situation in Western Armenia since 1900, all the important decrees and contracts, who were crucial for the Armenians, as he presented the importance of the Treaty of Sevres from the moment of its signing until now, as the current situation allows us to consider it modern. During the event, world-famous opera singer, tenor Vanno Tadeo and singer, composer Arsen Hambaryan received the title of honorary citizen of the Republic of Western Armenia.

RWA NA Deputy Ruzanna Khachatryan concluded the event with a speech.