An exhibition dedicated to media and Armenian printing of Shushi was organized on the initiative of the Department of Inviolable Literature of the National Library of Armenia in the big exhibition hall of the library. Sushi publications kept in the department of Inviolable Literature were presented.

Armine Mkrtchyan, working in the department of inviolable literature mentioned that, only a small portion is exhibited: 100 books and 6 periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

“The aim of the exhibition is to present the printing houses that were operating in Shushi and the literature published in those printing houses operto the public, which once again proves that Shushi was a powerful city especially in the 19th century, rich with cultural and spiritual values. An Artsakh resident stood out not only with a heroic spirit, but also with spiritual life, love for writing and literature, educational and publishing activities”,-Mkrtchyan stressed.

She informed that the first printing house in Shushi was the Protestant Missionary Printing House, which got permission from the Russian authorities to establish a printing house in the Caucasus in addition to the school. The first book published in the printing house was History of the Holy Letters, published in 1828.