TASS news agency reports, citing the Russian Defense Ministry, deminers of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed a cave abandoned by militants in the Syrian “white desert” near Palmyra, which was used as a command post for terrorists. Colonel Andrei Kalinov, head of the engineering forces of the Russian Armed Forces grouping in Syria, told reporters.

“During search operations by the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, a system of caves and communication passages was discovered. In particular, a command post of the militants was found, which contained communication equipment, weapons, ammunition and documents. Engineering units are destroying these caves, conducting reconnaissance and checking for explosive objects,” Kalinov said.

He explained that after the discovery, six anti-personnel mines were defused near the cave.

The fighters supposedly dug a 17-meter underground corridor in the soft rock by hand. They hollowed out the corridor to small rooms used for holding their captives, storing fuel and other purposes. The fighters laid communications such as electricity, water pipes, drains and ventilation in the cave.

Presumably, the terrorists left the cave relatively recently because of the active destruction of fighters in the “white desert.

Al-Quds Brigade commander Ahed Din clarified that “the fighters had a command post, a shelter and a prison for prisoners in these caves.” “Through the joint efforts of our al-Quds detachment, the Syrian and Russian armies, we managed to drive them out of here,” he said.

To destroy the cave, Russian sappers used charges of about 2.5 tons in TNT equivalent.