Today is Armenian composer, pedagogue, traditional artist of RA and SSSR, cultural and political figure Edvard Mirzoyan’s 100th birthday.

Among the remarkable works of Armenian chamber music are the String Quartets, “Armenia”, “Holiday” and other cantatas. Among the achievements of Armenian symphonic music are the composer ‘s cello and piano sonata. He has also authored many other works. Jivan Ter-Tadevosyan, Constantin Orbelyan, Avet Terteryan, Khachatur Avetisyan, Robert Amirkhanyan and others were among the composer’s students.

The National Center of Chamber Music reports that the concert ‘‘Eduard Mirzoyan-100’’ will take place on May 17, during which the composer’s works will be performed.

He was the chairman of the board of the Composers’ Union of Armenia in 1956-1991 (honorary since 1994), and the chairman of the Peace Foundation of Armenia from 1977 (honorary since 2009).

Mirzoyan passed away in 2012.