“It was hell… The Turkish authorities did everything they could to prevent those trying to help those unfortunate people… How could they defend themselves against armed gendarmes, soldiers and numerous bandits if the majority of men capable of working were already recruited for military service and the entire population was systematically being disarmed?

“These atrocities surpass all the atrocities known in history in their size and cruelty,” a great friend of the Armenian people, a polar explorer, scientist, diplomat and prominent humanist Fridtjof Nansen said.

Nansen was born on October 10 in Christiana to a lawyer’s family.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding contributions during World War I in 1922. He vigorously defended the violated rights of our people, and gave thousands of Nansen passports to Armenian immigrants. Until the end of his life, the selfless humanist dealt with refugee issues. Many articles, reports and speeches by the great Norwegian are dedicated to the history of our people and our country. 1927 His book “In Armenia” was published in Norwegian, which was translated into English and French as “Armenia and the Middle East”, and in German as “Deceived People”. “Accusation against the Entente and the League of Nations” is written in the book in red letters.

Nansen passed away on May 13, 1930.