The photos of Zohrab Yrkoyan, editor-in-chief of the “MERAN” official newspaper of the Kashatagh regional administration, journalist, photographer, Artsakh freedom fighter, reflecting the monumental heritage of the Armenian Kashatagh, will be presented in the “Artsakh Bridges” exhibition.

As reported by “Armenpress“, the exhibition will open on May 18. It will run until May 28.

Zohrab Yrkoyan will make a speech at the exhibition entitled “Kashatagh in Photos”.

The Kashatagh region of Artsakh includes the basins of the Hagar River, Vorotan, Voghji, Tsav streams, including the Aghahechk-Kashatagh, Kovsakan, Kashunik, Haband, etc., as well as Berdadzor and Vaykunik provinces of the Artsakh world.