Vahram Alazan (Gabuzyan) was born in 1903, in Van, Vaspurakan of Western Armenia. He got his primary education in the school of Arark. 

Alazan has seen the tragedy of the Genocide against Armenians and took refuge in Yerevan, where he got specialized in writing.

Vahram worked as a typewriter in “Urartu” printing house in 1918 and in “Soviet Armenia” daily in 1921. His first poem “Red Victory” was published with the signature of V. Gabuzyan. 

Then, his poems, stories and hints are published in the press, this time with “Alazan” signature. In 1922, the writer’s first book, the poem “The Game of the Years”, was published.

He was one of the founders of “Avangard” newspaper (1922), the editor of “Literary newspaper” (1932-1936). Vahram Alazani was lucky enough to participate in the First International Congress for the Protection of Culture held in 1935 in Paris. 1936 Trotskyist, nationalist, counter-revolutionary, member of the group organizing the assassination attempt on Beria is sentenced to 10 years in prison on other similar baseless charges. In 1946, after serving his sentence in dozens of prisons in the Soviet Union, he returned to his homeland. However, as a former political prisoner, he is not allowed to live in Yerevan and is exiled to Ashtarak. Here, Alazan, regardless of his status and intolerable conditions, manages to establish Perch Proshyan’s house-museum. In 1949, he was exiled to Siberia, this time for life, on the above-mentioned baseless charges. In 1954, after being fully acquitted, he returned to his homeland, but his sufferings in prisons and exiles did not go unnoticed.

Vahram Alazan died on May 17, 1966 and is buried in the city pantheon.