The Shakh Village was one of the most fertile villages in Western Armenia. It is located in Jizre, Shernak Province. Now all the inhabitants are spread somewhere. Now the church is silent. The village is empty. People are not even allowed to work in the gardens. Since the Turkish parliament passed the 1998 report of the Migration Commission, according to which the Turkish state evacuated, burned or destroyed almost 4,000 villages and settlements in the 1990s.

The history of this village with seven castles dates back to the period of the Assyrian Empire. Throughout the village there are historical castles, sculpted reservoirs, caves, rock-cut statues, ancient stone steps, which are obvious evidence of the presence of thousands of indigenous Armenians in Western Armenia for thousands of years.

There are 365 rooms in one of the castles, and the rocky caves inside the castle testify to the importance of protecting them from war.

There are two springs in the village: cold water comes from one and hot water from the other.

When the village of Shakh was evacuated in 1994, 80 percent of the families settled in the center of Jizre. The rest left for different countries.