About 30 years ago, with the help of the Soviet army, the Azerbaijani army expelled the villages in the Berdadzor sub-region of Shushi from Armenians within the framework of the “Ring” military operation.

All the men were arrested and taken to Shushi and Lachin. Anushavan Grigoryan, who had moved from Yerevan with his family, was shot in the basement of his house. The Turks took to Baku and tortured to death Arno Mkrtchyan, Deputy Chairman of the Berdadzor Self-Defense Council, and Hrach of Yeghtsahogh. A year later, the victory of our people took place. Shushi was liberated on May 8-9, 1992, the people of Berdadzor returned home on May 17, and the Turks left Lachin and Zabugh on May 18.

29 years ago, on this day, May 18, MIATSUM, our call of the Artsakh movement, took place. The land road was opened and the connection between Artsakh and the motherland was facilitated. A year later, we also liberated the territories separating Artsakh from Syunik, the entire Hakari River. Kashatagh, the 7th region of Artsakh, was created,By the decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh on December 2, 1993,  the administrative center of which became Lachin, being renamed as historical Berdzor. The first inhabitants came to Berdzor in the spring of 1994.

There were 52 secondary schools in the Kashatagh region until the war of 2020. 4 out of 54 communities – Berdzor, Kovsakan, Mijnavan and Vorotan – were urban. Over the years, the people of Kashatagh were cultivating 25,000 hectares in the region, and were engaged in cattle farming, beekeeping and gardening.

After the liberation, there was an opportunity to study the history of our homeland, which is witnessed by several dozen churches, hundreds of khachkars and tombstones, castles and settlements, bridges and springs. The historical name of Kashatagh was not chosen by chance. It has been half a year since the situation changed, and 30 years later we left our homeland to the Turks again.

We can only hope that we will once again become the owners of our historical homeland, and that the liberation of Berdzor will remain one of the glorious pages of our people.