156.600 trees have been planted in the chambers of the Forest Committee in the framework of ‘‘10 million trees’’ environmental initiative.

The acting chairman of the Forest Committee of RA Ministry of Environment, Arthur Petrosyan reported via Armenpress.

‘‘The  ‘‘10 million trees’’ environmental initiative started in 2020, but taking into account the epidemic, as well as the September war, a decision was made to postpone the date to the end of 2021. A planting was organized and 156.600 trees were planted in April of this year, 10 thousand of which were birches provided by the Government of Lithuania. They were planted in the territory of the Vanadzor Forestry chamber of Hayantar SNCO’’,- Petrosyan mentioned.

Hayantar SNCO provided RA Province Administrations and Yerevan with 161.480 planting materials.

Around 200 thousand planting materials are planned to be used in the fall of 2021.