HAKOB MARTAYAN- Linguist, turkologist (May 22, 1895- September 12, 1979/ Hakob Dilachar)

Hakob Martayan was born in Constantinople. He studied in an American  secondary school there, where he was an English teacher, later the headmaster. Martayan got an American Academical ‘‘Master of Arts’’ title and then a title of professor in 1922. 

He studied Armenology in different countries, took over the management of the first Armenian school in Beirut, founded “Rahvira” and “Culture” newspapers (Sofia), edited “Luys” weekly (Beirut) until 1932. During that period his play “The First Test” and translations of various works from English were published.

Hakob worked in Turkey and was the chief specialist of the Union of Turkish Linguistics since 1932. He was fluent in English, Turkish, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian and other languages, and received the name Dilachar (Key of Language).  Martayan lectured on the history of linguistics and general linguistics at Ankara University in 1936-50. He has authored a number of monographs on various fields of the Turkish language, works on Armenology (“Panorama of Armenian Culture”, 1966, “Thoughts on the 1500th Anniversary”, 1951, “The Bible in the World”, 1956, etc.) and numerous articles. In 1942-70 he was the technical consultant, then the editor-in-chief of the Turkish encyclopedia. Hakob Martayan died in Constantinople.