The 2,800 years old Pertek Castle, built on a hill at the period of Ararat Kingdom in the province of Dersim, Western Armenia, has taken on the appearance of an island, creating a unique view with the background of the blue water and is on its way to becoming a center of temptation.

The Pertek Fortress, built by the Urartians in the BC 8th century on a hill on the banks of the Aratsan River, was submerged in 1974 due to the creation of the Keban Dam and took the form of an island. The castle, which is one of the most important values ​​in the province of Pertek, since the Ararat kingdom, has hosted the Persians, the Hellenes, Rome and other civilizations.

The 2800 years old castle consists of two walls, and the ruins of a building are between the walls. Reservoir-ruins are located between the red and durable “blue tiles” of red bricks located between the polished stones.

The location of the historical fortress is such that the Kharberd fortress in Kharberd, the Sagman fortress built in the same Pertek province, face each other.

Pertek is one of the pearls of Western Armenia, it is definitely worth seeing. Dear compatriots, we recommend you to visit this historical miracle.