The lakes in the provinces of Ahlat, Adilcevaz, Mush Varto in Baghesh, Western Armenia, which host many local and foreign visitors every year, are ready to host their visitors again after the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted.

Nazik Lake in Ahlat, which resembles an open-air museum with its historical structures, Ayger, Arin-Jil Lakes at the foot of Mount Sipan, and Lake Hamurpet in Varto Province attract people with their unique nature, fresh air and beauty.

These tectonic and volcanic lakes of different sizes, depths, which have been declared a “specially protected area”, get a unique beautiful look in the spring with dark blue waters and colorful flowers blooming around.

It does not end with counting the beautiful places of our homeland, Western Armenia. Dear compatriots, now, especially during the summer season, is the right time to visit the beautiful places of our country. If you have the time and opportunity, we definitely recommend seeing these lakes.