Gevorg Chavush (Ghazaryan) was born in 1870 in Mktenk village of Psanats Province, Sasun, Western Armenia.

He studied in the school of St. Karapet monastery in 1886-88, which was turned into an idea generating center, through the efforts of his teacher Hovhannes Muradyan.

He got military education in Arabo’s group. He took part in Sasun Self-Defense Battles in 1891-1894. After the defeat of the Sasun rebellion in 1894,he was arrested and imprisoned in Bitlis among other fidayeens, then in Mush.

Gevorg escaped from prison, took refuge in Sasun, then joined Gurgen’s (Baghdasar Malyan) and Hrair’s (Armenak Ghazaryan) teams. He organized the murders of traitor Ave and kurd Khalil Bei in 1900. He headed the Berdak Battle in April and Norshen Battle in December, took part in the Battle of Holy Apostles Monastery in 1901.

Gevorg Chavush headed the self-defense forces of Ishkhanadzor and Talvorik villages of Sasun in 1904. Armenians fighted in Shenik on April 11, in Merker on 14 and 15 and in Gelieguzan on 17.The Turks started to attack Armenians. The latters left Gelieguzan and continued the battle until May 14.

In order to avoid European interference, the trukish authorities gave up the intention of exterminating Armenians of Sasun.

He left for Taron in 1904. Gevorg died on May 27 in the Sulukh battle.