No festive events are planned this year, but the country’s leadership will pay tribute to the memory of the heroes who resisted near the Sardarapat memorial.

The sovereignty of the Armenian people was restored in the battles of Gharakilisa, Bash-Aparan, Sardarapat on May 26, 1918.

On this day 103 years ago, not far from Yerevan, the Armenian people who survived the genocide fought against the enemy for the protection of the last inch of homeland, for the survival of the nation. The battle of Sardarapat was decisive for the Armenian people. The whole nation stood up for the defense of the homeland. Families were on the battlefield with the soldiers – the elderly, children, women.

By resisting the Turkish army in Sardarapat, the Armenian troops were able to stop the Turkish invasion of Transcaucasus and save Armenia from complete destruction. After the collapse of the Transcaucasian Democratic Federal Republic in Tbilisi (Georgia) on May 30, 1918, the Armenian National Council proclaimed the sovereignty of the Armenian provinces.