Residents of the village of Yukar Aghadeve, located near the district center of Agr province of Western Armenia, asked to study the structures on the hill of the village. According to them, these structures are historical and there is no information about the place. They say that their village has an underground city on a hill with the same name, and the surrounding structures are historic.

At the top of the hill are the remains of various buildings and 5 crosses carved into the rocks 2-2.5 meters high and ranging from 30 to 50 centimeters each. It is believed that there was an ancient temple or church on the hill. The villagers tell that their elders often talk about the buildings on the hill, and as children they saw a staircase descending from the hill to the ground.

Here is further proof that native Armenians live in Western Armenia. Everything confirms that this place is a place of Christian worship. It is worth noting that when political scientists are silent, witnesses to history speak.