The historic Malabadi Bridge in Western Armenia, built on the Batman River, has retained its unique beauty since the 12th century.

The Malabadi Bridge, built in 1147, is located on the border of Batman and Silvan and still continues to amaze with its magnificent appearance. Seven meters wide and 150 meters long, this bridge is one of the most powerful structures in the world because of the width of the arch. That’s why the bridge has slopes that were created for motorhome owners, who often drive here.

In 2016, the bridge was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Although the bridge cannot accommodate many visitors these days because of epidemic restrictions, it is still open to passersby who live in its vicinity, one of which is the village of Malabadi next to it.

As a famous poet once wrote: “Even the dome of St. Sophia Cathedral can fit under the Malabad Bridge.” In referring to these words, we can say that history, geography and memories can fit under the bridge.

Dear compatriots, if you want to see this beautiful building in your historical homeland, in Western Armenia, now is the right time.