March 15 of 1921 was the last day of the life of Talaat Pasha, one of the greatest executioners of the Armenian people. Writer Shahan Natalie explained to Soghomon Tehliryan what a 25-year-old Armenian avenger should do after killing Talaat in Berlin. “You will blow up the skull of the number one murderer, don’t try to escape and surrender to the police.”

Tehliryan was born in the village of Bagarich in Kamakh. After the evacuation of Western Armenia and the Genocide in which his mother and relatives were killed, Tehliryan hog listed for Operation Nemesis. After killing Talaat, he was arrested, however he was released from the courtroom on june 3 of 1921, where Johannes Lepsius defended him.

Acquitted by a German court, Tehliryan moved to Belgrade, then settled in Fresno, where he died in 1960.