Turkey continues to violate Iraq’s sovereignty by attacking Southern Kurdistan, which is known as Bashur. This is happening against the background of the silence of the Iraqi and Bashur governments. Iraqi writer-journalist Shamkhi Jabir said: “Turkey’s plans are clear. They want to revive the Ottoman Empire. Colonial ambitions are limitless.”

The invading Turkish state is trying to expand its territory through occupation. Thus, since April 23, Turkey has been attacking the Southern Kurdistan regions called Bashur.

The excessive desire to seize other people’s lands forces Erdogan to openly violate international agreements, including with Moscow. Turkey is illegally integrating Syria’s occupied territories into its territory.

Turkish forces began to establish local governments in the Syrian province of Idlib, which is controlled by Ankara. In these regions, Syrian passports are converted into Turkish passports. This will ensure that Idlib is included in Turkey. According to analysts, the northwestern regions of Syria will be annexed to Turkey in the near future.

Erdogan’s clear desire to revive the Ottoman Empire will do nothing.