Armenia marks a new era with French military purchases

  • by Western Armenia, November 30, 2023 in Politics

In the periodical Intellinews, Canadian journalist Neil Hauer, who covers the Artsakh conflict, writes that Armenia marks a new era with French military purchases.

“After months of speculation, the growing defense partnership between Armenia and France finally became tangible this month,” the author writes, referring to the November 12 news that armored transport vehicles of French-made Bastion troops would arrive in Armenia via Georgia.

"After the blow to the army in the Second Artsakh War in 2020, this is an important step for Armenia. When Armenia's traditional supplier Russia was both Unable and unwilling to send weapons, Yerevan desperately sought other military procurement partners. Now, having also established an effective defense procurement relationship with India, Armenia hopes that deliveries current French policies are only the first step in a long-term partnership," writes the author.

According to Neil Hauer, the arrival of the armored vehicles took place after long negotiations.

“This is the result of at least a year of negotiations, if not more,” confirmed Leonid Nersisyan, defense analyst and researcher at the Yerevan Applied Policy Research Institute, in a conversation with the 'author. “I think the process began actively after the 2020 war. Relations between France and Armenia have always been at a fairly high level and now in the conditions of better relations between Armenia and the European Union and between Armenia and the United States, such agreements have become realistic,” Nersisyan said.

The author notes that there are now real fears that Azerbaijan will attack Armenia again. “In these difficult conditions, strengthening the country’s armed forces is of crucial importance,” he wrote.