Chronology of the Genocide against Armenians

  • by Western Armenia, April 20, 2024 in Armenocid

1915, the end of July.

The deportation and massacre of Armenians of Arabkir took place. The caravans of Armenians that left Arabkir were shot down one by one on the banks of the Euphrates river , and thus at the end of July there were no more Armenians left in Arabkir.

In 1915, on June 6, when the Armenian exile began, the Armenians were assured that they would return to their homes, so there was no need to close the doors or the shops. Arabkir residents were supposed to join the exiles from Karin, Sarikamish, Baypurd, Yerznka.

Witness Hovhannes Ter-Filipposian in his memoirs presents the “journey” of exile, the tired and hungry condition of the Armenians, the attitude of the police, the silent prayers of the exiles to God in his memoirs.

Incidents are described, how the group saw the bodies of Armenians on the road, was attacked by kurdish groups, witnessed the murder of a mother and daughter, etc. The police, as if to save the Armenians from the attacks of the kurds and others, demanded payment.

You can read about the modern Arabkir from  the  historian Samvel Karapetyan f

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