Chronology of the Genocide against Armenians

  • by Western Armenia, April 24, 2024 in Armenocid

The original order issued by Talaat Pasha, Minister of Interior, on April 24, 1915.

Red Sunday

Deportation of Armenian intellectuals, sometimes called Red Sunday, an operation organized during the genocide against the Armenians, during which the leaders of the Armenian community in the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and later also prominent representatives of other communities of the empire, were arrested and transferred to two concentration camps near Ankara, led by the Minister of the Interior, Taliat Pasha by order issued on April 24, 1915.

That night, the first stream of Armenian intellectuals, 235 people, were arrested in Constantinople. The total number of people arrested as a result of this operation was 2345 people.

After the Deportation Act was passed on May 29, 1915, the detainees were distributed throughout the empire and most of them were killed.

Very few, including Vrtanes Papazyan and Komitas, were saved as a result of special intervention.

The Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide Victims is celebrated all over the world on April 24 every year. The Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide was celebrated for the first time in 1919, on the fourth anniversary of the events, in Constantinople. Since then, Armenians all over the world remember that day.